It’s Nuckalavee!

Who loves ya?

Nuckalavee loves going to the beach, running down travelers, and SPF 120 sunscreen! Nuckalavee doesn’t like fresh water. Nuckalavee is from Orkney, and wishes everybody would come visit him real soon!

…well, I couldn’t stop with just the Krasue, after all. This one was rough—took like three runs at the sketch, and had to look at a lot of chibi art on Deviantart, which I think counts as suffering for one’s art. But I finally got something that made Kevin’s eye-twitch, which is the victory condition for these, and set to work!

Prints are available, and you can get Krasue and Nuckalavee together as a set!

2 thoughts on “It’s Nuckalavee!

  1. Marc-Antoine says:

    Who did not realize that the Nuckalavee mention was a challenge you set yourself?


    OK, Ursula, that was utterly expected, and you rose to the challenge in the most beautifully absurd fashion as ever. It tickles my funny bone anyway.
    Thanks for all the crazy.
    (And we salute your devotion to artistic duty. Chibis… shudder.)

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