Monthly Archives: November 2008

Note to self: Next time, warm up before attempting to play Wii Boxing. Three minutes of carnage, and I’ve been paying for it for three days… The agony of strained muscles aside–I am so damn out of shape–it’s been a good few days. Went to dinner with Kevin’s family last night, drank quite a lot of […]

I had a dream last night that I was walking across a college campus that was apparently home to the only indigenous population of the Walking Smelt, a small fish that flopped around on its side in shallow puddles its entire life.  At some point, my friend Deb showed up and informed me that when she wrote […]

Ahhhh. An excellent Thanksgiving, lots of friends came over, a pleasant evening–I have introduced Kevin to the joys of God of War–and today was actually fairly productive. I had an itch to work a little more on my old bread wizard story, and found a minor character that took me a little farther along–ergo: Normal 0 […]

Whew. Spent most of yesterday with my skull bones feeling like they were made of hot rocks. It didn’t really present like a migraine, but by the end it was definitely feelin’ like one. Seems better this morning, but blarrgh! I’m a little sloggy still, and I can feel it kind of…lurking. Time to hit up […]

A productive day yesterday, as we prepare for Thanksgiving and the resulting guestification and turkey-waving. And then we played Raving Rabbids for awhile–Kevin had never seen it, and I got a cheap used copy, because That Cannot Be Allowed To Stand. (I mean, Superbunny! How can you not love Superbunny?) So that was a pleasant end to […]

Well, I just had a very strange dream. In it, I was Batman. I was also female, but I was Batman. Not Batwoman, Batgirl, Batchick, not She-Bat or Batrude Stein, just…Batman. And female. This is important. I had managed to corner the Joker in an apartment complex, with a couple of random people in it, and just at the […]