Monthly Archives: February 2008

Today was awesome! Went shopping in Toronto proper again, with buddies Graydon and Ian, who informed me that the two-to-four inches of snow sifting gently down on our heads was hardly worthy of notice, let alone comment. And so, with this in mind, we hiked from bookstore (Awesome!) to comic shop (overwhelming!) to sex boutique […]

So here I am in Toronto! I was hoping for some birdwatching, but the weather always conspires against me, so I arrived during a cold snap…might possibly catch some waterfowl if lucky. Tomorrow we’re supposed to hit the zoo, which is often a good spot for birding.  I have been promised strange ungulates. (Who doesn’t […]

This one was for fatfred who, I was informed, needed an otter and a egg painting about now. Always happy to oblige! Saint Otter and the Egg I’ll be donating proceeds from the sale of prints to breast cancer research–if anybody can suggest any particularly good charities in that line, please let me know, as […]

Whew! Busy, busy, busy. Heading off tomorrow for an actual honest-to-god vacation–visiting a buddy in the Great White North–for birdwatching and gallery hopping (okay, MOSTLY a vacation.) So today is spent frantically doing all the things that need to be done so that jobs get done/art gets shipped/the cats don’t explode while I’m gone, etc. […]