Monthly Archives: March 2003

Okay, I know that men are reading this thing occasionally, so I implore you…one of you, tell me the appeal. What the heck is up with those pin-ups of women in nothing but high-heels? Why the heels? There’s a LOT of ’em, too. Now, I have a weird hang-up in my pin-up drawing–I’ll blithely paint […]

Went out for dinner at a Nepalese place with the guys from Sofawolf (who are really cool.) Had goat meat. And yak. Generally I try to stick to one species of ungulate per meal, but it was really good. Annnnd, to my delight, James’s boss is sending him money for moving expenses, which means it’s […]

Well, to my amazement, we’ve surpassed 200 friends on this thing, which floors me, because I can’t imagine 200 people want to know about my day-to-day existence, or even just come for the rants. I don’t think I know 200 people in the real world. Come to think of it, unless I start getting into […]

Digital art is spoiling me. I decided to try my minimal acrylic fur painting skills against a portrait of the bachtrian camel, and by the time I’ve primed the canvas board, let it dry, and now begun painstakingly drawing in the outline of the camel’s noggin’, I’m already wiped out and ready for a nap. […]

Da Zoo!

With aching feet and packed photo-disky-digital memory-thingies, I return from the zoo! I have learned two things. First of all, I have evidentally lost any fear whatsoever of drawing in public. They may not be good drawings–I’ve gotten much better with digital stylus than with pencil these days, and I hope someday they invent a […]

Okay, I hate to do this because I’m sure it will make me seem like an egotistical braggart, but I’m gonna do it anyhow. Yesterday I wandered into a Barnes & Noble, over in the art technique section, and…they had It. Digital Fantasy Painting. By Burns. The book that I contributed to, and which I […]