Monthly Archives: April 2010

I started this painting in late 2006, making it the longest I have ever gone between starting and finishing a painting. It almost seems like longer, possibly because those three and a half years were the longest of my life. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the changes in my existence since I started […]

Okay, okay, I admit it. I occasionally get choked up during "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Yes. I did grow up in the Eighties. Despite the best efforts of several people of very refined musical taste, I am still occasionally base. …I also have a hard time with "No Woman No Cry." If I have PMS and […]

No reason.

So I come downstairs to check on the progress of dinner–Kevin’s out back with the dogs, the kitchen smells of garlic bread, and as I come around the corner, I discover Kevin’s youngest, standing straight up with his back pressed against the small swatch of wall on one side of the laundry door, staring intently at the […]