Monthly Archives: March 2006

So we own a house! Closing was actually pretty painless, except for having to sign my names so many times that I forgot how to spell it, with the end result that the government probably thinks the co-owner of the place is named Usrul N. Venn. (The actual Usrul N. Venn is probably living somewhere […]

Tomorrow morning, we close. This evening, we do The Final Walkthrough. This afternoon, I have to get a cashier’s check for some ludicrous sum for closing costs. This morning, I am sitting at my desk and twitching like a gaffed fish. My hands tremble. My stomach roils. My bowels…actually, let’s just leave them out of […]

Power, cable, gas, internet, water & sewer & trash, oh my! Making all the calls so that we’re not sitting in a darkened house without running water come Friday. I should also Really Really Really be working on Digger, since there’s no chance I’ll get to work on it this coming weekend, but my brain […]

Dad beat the HOA! Apparently the HOA’s lawyer told them flat out that they’d lose the case, and it would cost them a lot of money they didn’t have, so they publically and grumpily dropped the case against Dad’s solar panels. He’s still going to go speak to the Senate on behalf of solar power […]

Hey, it’s a big kitchen. I needed at least two labels! I wish I could effortlessly turn out the kind of sleekly minimalist shapes that some artists excel at–alas, my nature is to slather on rather than trim away. I’m still not sure how I got the original wombat that slimmed down to begin with! […]