Monthly Archives: October 2008

I think the gods are trying to tell me to stop showering. I was stepping out of the shower today, minding my own business, and saw something wiggling behind my shampoo bottle. I did not scream. This is not to my credit, however, because I think I got all my screaming out over the drain worms t’other day. […]

Whew. Okay. Well, leaving aside the horrors of maggottyness in the shower for awhile, I offer the following links of things that are mildly icky, but not quite THAT icky. (Seriously. We need our minds taken off this. Dude.) ACEO – Never A Good SignACEO – Those Little Teacups (okay, not icky at all, but y’know.) […]

Oh font of all knowledge! I have a question, and the internet is failing me.* When you’re harvesting bull semen, the general method is to shove an electrified probe up their rear until they provide the goods. (That’s the real money in cattle, apparently–top beef stud semen is worth many times its weight in gold.) Now, I think […]