Monthly Archives: January 2004

The current NPR interview about sex slave trafficking in the U.S. across the border of Mexico is the most depressing damn thing I’ve ever heard. Even if you take some of the more lurid claims of selling toddlers with a grain of salt–it wouldn’t surprise me, but I’d require more outside corrobaration before I buy […]

Coolest. Shit. Ever. Science is so damn cool. Every now and then I feel guilty for going into art, rather than something as noble as the sciences. But then I remember my high school science classes and realize that if I’m gonna make a significant contribution to any field, it ain’t gonna be science. […]

I know that many diehard comic fans are gonna ream me for this, and I will, in fact, deserve it. Nevertheless, as I sit and watch the Justice League as Superman does whatever super thing, I am left thinking (yet again, and in an echo of Seanbaby’s observation on the Superfriends) “Why do the other […]

And another thing. What is up with blue raspberry? Raspberries are not blue. In fact, there are no blue foods found in nature–even blueberries are actually purple. Humans are not MEANT to eat blue food. A kid in my color theory class did his final project based on this theory and colored an entire plate […]

Last wave of donation sketches–including most of the special requests and a coupla didn’t-get-the-addresses–goin’ out tomorrow! After I move, I’ll do a spot check to see if anyone hasn’t gotten theirs, but I think I’ve got ’em all, so the last few people should get theirs in the next week or two. Except. Someone requested […]