Monthly Archives: May 2008

Managed to get three little con pieces done yesterday, so that was nicely productive. I find that my art for the AC art show tends to be…mmm…not repetitive, per se (I hope!) but at least that I tend to go back to some of the same fishing grounds, as James Christiansen might say. A lot […]

Awww…my thanks to the fans and friends who have sent me cookies (yay!) and art and books (thaaaank you Marian and Carl!) and whatnot for my birthday. You guys rock on toast! I face tomorrow’s arrival of 31 with fortitude (and cookies!) Also, does anybody know where to find a photo or drawing of an […]

Let me just remind everybody that three of the four e-bay commission auctions close in five hours (the other one, bein’ seven days, will last awhile longer.) And damn! Y’all are really into your frogs, huh? …given my readership, I realize there is no reason this should surprise me in the least…