Monthly Archives: December 2008

Dropping by the mall today to pick up some extra large pants, suitable for layering, for upcoming trip to parents in Upper Peninsula Michigan.  (Got stupidly good deal. Ahh, after-Christmas shopping…)  Along the way, I passed the Hallmark store. Something caught my eye, and I nearly gave myself whiplash with the double-take. Emperor. Palpatine. Christmas ornaments. […]

Poor Ben had to go in for a steroid shot today to clear up the kitty herpes. (Yes, I know, he’s on lysine already. Unfortunately he’s not eating enough this last week to get the stuff inside him in any great quantity.) The steroids are supposed to work very well, but long-term steroid use is not […]

It’s been a weirdass up-and-down day. Good news, bad news…just weird. Some of it’s not mine to share–there was some nasty bad news in there from a friend–but among the bits I can: I got my first quarter royalty statement for Nurk, which has earned out half the advance (this is doing GREAT for a book that […]