It’s Krasue!

Ticket to hell, please.

Krasue loves long walks on the beach, the flesh of the living, giggles, boy bands, and tearing placentas from pregnant women who live near graveyards! Krasue hates thorn branchs and mean people! Krasue is from Thailand! Krasue would like to give you a big hug!
…What, you never wake up in the morning and think “How can I make something really horrific today?”
The Krasue or Kra-Sue, as it happens, is a Thai ghost that consists of a woman’s head or skull with its innards still attached at the neck. The description above is fairly accurate, except for maybe the bit about boy bands. Since it appears that my fate in life is to make things cute, I figured I’d see how far that could go.

Painting cute intestines is hard. Whether I can manage a Chibi Nuckalavee remains to be seen…

Prints are available! Perfect for the nursery! Or something!

5 thoughts on “It’s Krasue!

  1. Andrew Ragland says:

    Also known as a penanggalan. The critter has to soak its innards in vinegar to rejoin with its body before dawn, because the innards swell up while detached from the body. Find its vinegar jar and tump it over and you kill the critter, like trashing a European vampire’s coffin.

  2. Eddie says:

    “The first of her kind was an old woman. One day, while performing her religious duty, she was startled by a strange man and accidentally kicked her own head off. That head and her organs flew away to a treetop and became a demon.” –The Penanggalan, Mike Mignola, from Malaysian folklore

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