I wish I knew. Sometimes it’s as easy as trying to combine two thing that haven’t been combined before–lemons and antelope, say, or pangolins and stars. Sometimes it just comes to me out of the blue, and an idea drops fully formed into my brain, and I have to go paint it or write it Right This Minute, or else.

Sadly, for legal reasons, I can’t use fan ideas. That means that if you tell me the idea, you guarantee I will never, ever be able to use it, so please, please, don’t tell me! Lawyers make these rules! I’m very sorry.


A great question! Any of the standalones can be read…well…alone. However, for the books set in the universe of Clockwork Boys, which I tentatively refer to as the World of the White Rat, this is the current order:

  • Clockwork Boys
  • The Wonder Engine
  • Swordheart
  • Paladin’s Grace
  • Paladin’s Strength
  • Paladin’s Hope

Well, if you count 100+ page comic collections as a book, then over forty. If you don’t, then still over forty, but slightly less than before.

I hope so. For some reason, the Dervish’s story just does not want to come out. I’ve tried everything short of an icepick. Hopefully it will unjam at some point. I’ve got about 15K on it, and it’s not dead, it’s just…slow.

There are seven books planned in the Saint of Steel series!

It’s sweet that you’re asking! Honestly, the rate is pretty much the same across the board, so for ebooks, buy wherever is convenient for you. All else being equal, buying the print volumes from an indie bookstore or direct from Argyll Productions supports great people, and I’m all for it.

Nope! I am flattered you want my opinion, but I really truly do not give book critiques. It is not in my skillset. I will not give you any useful feedback and I will panic and flail and hide under the rug. So I don’t critique. Ever. Under any circumstances.

Kid Books

Marketing decided to change it. If it was a nefarious plan to make people re-buy the entire series so that they matched, I was not consulted.

I’m afraid both series have ended for now. That was a decision by the publisher, not me. I’m glad they’re finding more readers now, though!

Depending on which book you mean, the answer is…probably not? I won’t swear that I might not come out with another book set in the same universe, but most of the standalone kid’s books really are standalone.

(I would still like to write a sequel to Nurk, but the publisher underwent some very exciting reorganizations, so it would be in my spare time.)

I get that a lot. I was born in Japan, my favorite book is “The Hero And The Crown” by Robin Mckinley, I wanted to become a writer because I ran out of books about talking animals to read, my biggest influence is nature, and my advice for young writers/artists is to just start, because you can’t get better unless you practice. Please refer to this, because I can no longer do homework e-mails due to sheer volume.

Translation and Options

Please direct all rights inquiries to my agent at Helen Breitwieser at Cornerstone Literary Agency.

Translation is handled by foreign publishers, and I’m afraid I have no control over hiring! Your best bet is to contact the publisher.

Please do not translate the book on your own unless it’s for fun–I’m delighted you like it enough to take the time, but I can’t actually get that in front of anybody’s eyeballs.


You can buy prints from the awesome people at Topatoco! If you happen to catch me at a convention, I also sell them there. I no longer sell prints directly online.