Monthly Archives: May 2005

Today I’m taking a sick day. I HATE taking sick days. The difference between a job you hate and a job you love is the difference between “Hmm, I feel a sneeze coming on…better call in!” and “SICK? I CAN BE SICK WHEN I’M DEAD!” Since I love my job dearly, a whole day wasted […]

These giant demon animals crack me up. I dunno what it is. Maybe it’s just the idea. I wonder what follows bunny and mouse. Naturally “GIANT DEVIL-MARMOTS OF THE WEST!” flashes across my brain, but there’s something so utterly good natured-looking about marmots, I dunno if I could make them look even marginally evil. On […]

Another Gearworld painting! This one took a long time, and probably will not prove terribly popular, since people generally like a figure somewhere in the painting to relate to. However, it’s what wanted to be painting, and when Gearworld allows me to paint it, I have learned not to argue. Ever.

A fledgling bluebird, elegant in grey and speckled black, with blue wings, is sitting out on the railing, demanding to be fed. Its parents hop down, shove suet in its gaping beak, hop away. Once they’ve gone off, the fledgling happily eats the suet on its own, but as soon as they return, it’s back […]