Monthly Archives: May 2012

St. Mantid ACEO

Working itty-bitty these days, apparently! St. Mantid, just to get the joke out of the way, did indeed spend a lot of time praying. He was the head of one of the largest order of mantis monks, followers of St. John the Baptist (male mantises often choosing celibacy and strongly identifying with those who have […]

Minion Badges

Made up a “Minion” badge for AC, since a large proportion of the con always claims to be there as somebody else’s minion. I figure I’ll print up a couple of these pre-made, in case anyone wants to really prove their point. (Given that people tend to buy Their Species Only, I anticipate selling maybe […]


I think about folk music more than I should. I listen to a lot of it, you understand, and being me, I find myself wondering about all the bits around the edges—did Lord Donald marry again? Who was tithed to hell instead of young Tam-Lin? Did William Taylor’s bride have anything to say when his […]