Monthly Archives: December 2002

Random Sketchiness…

Playing around with more anime–might follow up the dragon girl with another anthro-mythical type, in this case, a manticore. I remember when I was a kid, I had this book, Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures (mentioned in Irrational Fears) which had the most spectacular illustration of a manticore by Victor Ambrus. But like gorgons, basilisks and […]

It’s a good morning. Got a new comic up, there’s a Samurai Jack marathon on (I love Samurai Jack…it’s so…so…charmingly bushido. And visually nifty, as well–even though it’s really simplified, it’s so well put together that it works very well.) Plus “Justice League” was on this morning, featuring a nifty female samurai villain, so it’s […]

Early morning episode of creative vision… I have this thing for flavor-blasted goldfish crackers. I’m a junkie. They’re sooooo good. Anyway, they come in this carton that says, among other slogans in hyperactive fonts, “Blows other snacks away!” While staggering around looking for coffee, I saw this slogan out of the corner of my eye, […]

Books, Bladders, Biology, and the Flammability of the Undead

So today I finished “Watchmen” by Alan Moore, a graphic novel that has been previously mentioned to me as a paragon of good layout. All I can say is that it might well be good layout–I didn’t notice. I was too busy being captivated by the story. (Well, okay, the placement of captions and word […]