Monthly Archives: February 2010

More Adventures in Spatial Relations With Ursula

So we were headed to my signing yesterday, and we passed the place with the giant metal chicken. Their LAST metal chicken. Oh god! What if I went to the book signing and returned and they were giant chickenless? What if some clever bastard got to the chicken before me? "Look!" I said. "We’re running early. I NEED THAT CHICKEN." Kevin looked […]

In what can only be described as a meteorological Dick Move, yesterday’s sixty degree weather has been followed with a forecast of snow. Meanwhile, I’ve been obsessed with rabbits in plague-doctor masks for a couple days now. Weird how these things go…something about them seems familiar, but I don’t know if somebody else is doing rabbits in […]

Still fooling around with gel medium. And rabbits. Verdigris Rabbit I thought this one was a companion piece to the Wolf-Ate-Them rabbit–I started them at the same time–but it’s incredible how much the difference between the shiny transparent surface and the opaque matte one changed my perception of the piece. So I guess it’s related. I’d […]

KEVIN: So the piece you declared was an abject failure and you hated it…people are asking if you’re auctioning it and writing stories about it?URSULA: Yes.KEVIN: Here I am, sweating and bitching and going nuts trying to write this thing for church, and your abject failures are wildly successful?URSULA: Apparently so. KEVIN: Gynnnaaaaah!URSULA: But for perspective, […]

The first of my experiments with psuedo-encaustic…this one turned out too glossy and too obviously acrylic for my taste, but the results are still kinda interesting… Curious Quail And some little ACEO-sized sketches of rabbits I was fooling around with last night… Rabbit 1Rabbit 2Rabbit 3 I used to draw a lot of rabbits as a […]