Monthly Archives: November 2007

Speaking of failures…don’t try to scan copper leaf. Klimt’s Octopus The original is for sale, but I can’t do prints of this one–the reproduction failed horribly, and all my skills with Photoshop could not save it. I think copper leaf may simply reflect the light entirely wrong, and it washed out the octopus rather badly. […]

Last night I dreamed that I was trapped in a castle, the doors blocked with thickets of bamboo. My captor gave me three days. “Find the song that was sung when you were born, and find the sword, and then you can face me.” “Playing by the lunatic’s rules only works in movies,” I thought–sensibly–and […]

Went in today to get my hair color touched up–the dark reds are not color-fast worth a damn, if they were paints I’d refuse to use them owing to lightfastness issues. Plus stuff was getting shaggy and needed a trim, and other areas….err….well, bugger shaving for a lark, anyway. Owing to the season, my stylist/fashion […]

Oy. Had one of THOSE dreams last night. Sex and birdwatching. Not restful at the best of times, made significantly worse when it’s about someone you actually know and who’s bones you’d jump in a heartbeat if they were even remotely interested. Plus the ducks all turned out to be domestic variants and thus not […]