Monthly Archives: June 2006

Running around like a chicken with my head cut off–to no one’s great surprise–getting ready for HeroesCon. There is no art show, apparently, so I’ll be selling some small pencil originals at the table. I was planning to bring along General Globberlich, but honestly, I’m kind of attached to him, and tempted to keep him […]

This was one of those paintings that leapt out of the sketchbook, grabbed me by the throat and said “PAINTMENOW!” “Yes, sir, General Globberlich, sir,” I said. (His name is so obviously General Globberlich.) I was so intent on finishing this painting I didn’t notice that it was nine o’clock and I had missed dinner–James […]

From the department of small pleasures: –The Lysol odor neutralizer wall plug actually works on catbox odors. Due to some peculiar convection of the house, the smell of the catbox would get sucked exactly to the front hall, which is probably the worst place to have it (except possibly the kitchen.) It would smell much […]

Heh, a wildlife heavy morning! I went out to see if the turtle had moseyed off (actually, he’s sulking under the beautyberry bush) and James said “Look! A little tiny squirrel!” I followed his gaze and said “Honey, that’s a chipmunk.” It turns out we have the Eastern Chipmunk in the yard. We are at […]

Well, the total today looks like six daylilies, seven iris, eight echinacea, two wedges of creeping thyme, a dozen mums, a shasta daisy, one indeterminate yellow thing that resembles echinacea, and nearly twenty gladiolas. I also went out to the nursery this morning to get the cow poop and soil conditioner to plant these things, […]