Monthly Archives: July 2009

Some politician is going on about how the free market made our nation "the greatest nation in the history of the world." Well, we can argue the role of the free market in the success of the United States, but that statement always irks me for one basic reason. My buddy Alan, back in college, […]

Hey, rock on! The first bit of niftiness for Dragonbreath 2: Attack of the Ninja Frogs just came in–the Junior Library Guild is making it a selection for Fall ’09! It gets featured in their magazine! Yaay! (They had also featured Nurk in Spring ’08–nice to get repeat business!) Kevin informs me that it’s time […]

Okay, one more…one I start doodling, they’re hard to stop. Boarjay Also, I am officially 40% done with the art for Dragonbreath 3. *pant pant* The third of my attempts at assemblage is languishing in the I-don’t-know-it’s-not-working stage, but the fourth one came out pretty well for a small and silly thing. Maybe I can only manage […]

I have this recurring dream that I’m still working in a corporate office, probably because I did for a coupla years–not sure if that actually counts as "recurring," but y’know. Last night I got fired for questioning Our Corporate Masters (Ha! Fools! I wasn’t doing any work anyway!) And then I wound up back at school, trying to get home on […]

Since people are asking, the rust stuff I’m using is called "Sophisticated Finishes" from Triangle Crafts. It’s the iron metallic surfacer and the rust antiquing solution. (They sell ’em together or separately.) It’s got a tacky cherub on the front, but so far, it’s working quite well. Results aren’t instantaneous–most of mine are sitting overnight, and […]

So lately I’ve been fooling around with assemblage art. I seem to be building shrines to fish. (I am dying to build a shrine to somebody called the Sardine Madonna, but the image is stubbornly not coming. Putting a fish head on the Virgin Mary is not working. (I know, right? It totally should!) She might want […]