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The freshwater clothodile feeds primarily on plushalopes and other large stuffed animals that come down to watering holes to drink. They can grow up to sixteen feet in length and exhibit a symbiotic relationship with the tiny tailor-bird, which will walk fearless into the clothodile’s mouth, cleaning the predator’s teeth, pulling out loose threads, and […]

More Excerpts from the Regency Novel That Seriously, No, I Will Never Write, I’m Not Kidding

The ball was that greatest of social triumphs, a sad crush. Bodies packed the ballroom as tightly as salted herring in a barrel, leaving little room for air. Reputations were made, compromised, destroyed and on at least one occasion, became inexplicably intertwined with a silver salt cellar shaped like a whimsical goat. Viscount Blackfarthing was […]


It was a beautiful day in London. The sun was shining through the haze, a brief rain had lent a freshness to the air, and the Thames had not yet acquired the epic stench of summer. Pigeons circled overhead, and the black-clad ninja clans fought their endless wars across the roofs of the city. The […]

Like Stuffed Potato Chips!

Once you start drawing weird little stuffed animals, apparently it’s really hard to stop. My sketchbook has gone in a somewhat disturbing direction. And of course, since I’ll be bringing this one and others to the cons, do I get the desire to draw stuffed animals of species that people actually BUY at cons? Are […]

Great Plushthanga

WHO DARES TO SUMMON GREAT PLUSHTHANGA!? The shaman Cryptic-Stitches, of the Moon-Stuffing tribe, clutched his rubber chicken staff. He had called upon Great Plushthanga, one of the great spirits of his tribe, and Great Plushthanga had come.   …so, yeah. I have lots of stuff I need to be working on, including whipping up originals […]


Not all that much going on these days—well, I mean, there’s a lot going on, it looks like we’re going to probably get to do ten Dragonbreath books instead of seven, and there’s some other neat stuff percolating—but nothing immediately fascinating. I’m deep in the last death march of Campbreath art, trying to write the […]

Molding Update

Using Smooth-On’s skin-safe mold-making materials, we managed to pull a silicone cast of a baku head that I made out of Sculpey. Using good ‘ol plaster of paris, we managed to make a plaster baku head. Conclusion the First: Not terribly easy, not terribly hard. We’ve pulled two plaster heads, one marginally more successful than […]

Adventures in 3-D

In between chaos and gardening and finishing Campbreath art and trying to put together pieces for two back-to-back conventions in June, we’ve been fooling around for the last week and some change with molding and casting.* I’ve done a couple of little sculptures in sculpey, and we’re trying to cast them in hopes of making […]