Monthly Archives: September 2006

I remember, some years back, reading a wildlife artist–he painted mostly birds–who said something to the effect that “People ooh and ahh over paintings of the exotic birds–toucans and hoatzins and cock-of-the-rock*–but what they buy are the birds they recognize from their garden.” This struck me as probably true, but I didn’t think all that […] Painting of magnolia warbler, with collage and splotch background. Nothing particularly extraordinary–looks kind of like a particular sort of greeting card!–but I’ve been wanting to paint a magnolia warbler since I saw one for the first time. I occasionally get the grandiose notion of painting every bird on my life list, but since we’re […]

Today’s been fairly productive. Got some work done on a painting, slathered down an abstract background on another piece that might get a critter on it, generally amused myself. Plus I bought some art supplies, and that’s always fun. Spent an hour at Lake Crabtree this morning. It was a good morning for birding–cool, overcast, […]