Monthly Archives: June 2003

Hmmm. Oddity. A few months back, I did some work for a company, a coupla illos, nothing huge. They professed gratitude, paid me promptly and at a reasonable rate, said they’d want to work with me in the future, and all was well. Recently dropped them a line, said “Hey, you guys need anymore art […]

In what is undoubtedly my Fastest Art Sale Of All Time, the original Holstein Frog watercolor sold about three hours after I put it on-line. I’d been planning on taking it to the Cons, but my buddy Kathy showed another mutual acquaintence who decided she needed it for her kitchen, and hey, who am I […]

The daily comment mailing from Elfwood sits in my in-box, and I click it with glee. For those who don’t know, Elfwood is a very large on-line gallery, and the comment mailing is nothing more or less than a compendium of all the comments left by viewers on your artwork over the course of the […]

I’m trying to get away from the sodomy discussion, on the principle that someone entering “anal sex, fisting, fish slap” into a search engine might now be directed to my journal, and I just don’t think I’m ready for that kind of traffic. Lost a big file yesterday, in the way that I had not […]

Lots of discussion, still, about the sodomy law that got kicked down by the Supreme Court. Being that sort of person, being politically ranty today, and mostly because I’m waiting for watercolor to dry, I’m going to put in my two cents, which is as follows: I work at home. I get out maybe once […]

A new Digger! The layout on this one is sort’ve a tribute to Bone, which will forever have a warm place in my heart for showing me that black and white comics don’t have to suck. You think I’d’a known that already. After all the great suggestions, and sleeping on it for awhile, the overarching […]

Today was productive. Got a commission finished off, pending approval, got the logo design (which was complicated and scary) for the next Victoriana sourcebook done and approved, and despite my initial misgivings, it looks stylin’, if I do say so myself, although I can’t post it until it’s at least in the vague direction of […]

Today, I mostly worked on Anthrocon stuff…ordered bags, reserved plane tickets, got magnet sheets, etc. I think I’ll concentrate on Chu/Dusty/Gothbat and maybe some Digger magnets, since that was what everybody asked about at Furfest (well, not Digger, but y’never know), and maybe some frogs and other non-nude kinda stuff. The nudes just don’t sell […]