Monthly Archives: May 2006

There was a lot of stuff I was supposed to do today. Instead, I did this: It’s one of those “Hello, where did you come from?” things. My brain feels like elderly corduroy. Will I be allowed to paint cute hadrosaurs for an art show now? Will my brain beat me up, leave me […]

They’re running a show about poetry on the radio, which drives me to share one of my favorite poems with anybody who has the misfortune to be within earshot. (Blogshot?) Inside water a water wheel turns. A star circulates with the moon. We live in the night ocean wondering What are these lights? This is […]

So I’m working on a Digger cover, which will be very similiar to the happy troll and squash piece, but in a cover-friendly format, and I’m drawing this troll. And the troll doesn’t look right, and doesn’t look right, with that nagging not-quite-right-ness at the back of the brain, and the face is just not […]