Monthly Archives: November 2004

Did a “Digger” this morning. Updated the webpage with new art. (Not ALL the new art, but a fair chunk.) (These will all be trickling out onto Yerf and Deviantart and whatnot over the next week, too, but I’m trying not to just do one huge art dump all at once.) There’s still more […]

Veni, Vedi, V…um…cleany. I even cleaned the studio. Well, parts of it. The floor, for example. (Cleaning the jumble of art supplies on the table Ain’t Gonna Happen. It’d take me months to get such an efficient clutter going again.) Also, I traded for entirely too much art. I have fifteen pieces I have to […]

Okay, just so that it’s not buried in a wall of rambling text, since I promised an announcement, the book “It Made Sense At The Time” is now available! I signed about thirty copies for ’em, but the numbers are limited. They take Paypal. And check. And money order. There are many options! And […]

Frazzlefrazzlefrazzlefrazzle! Finished a Digger. Uploaded it. Was seized by inspiration in the middle of the night for Digger, managed to cling to it long enough to spend half an hour this morning writing. (I did not have this half hour to spend, mind you, but when you’ve finally got a good way to quickly sum […]

Ladies and gentlemen, wombats and hyenas, thanks to the always-fabulous Ellen Million–we gots Digger stuff! Magnets, stickers, and most importantly, T-shirts (both black and white.) How cool izzat? Edit: There will be other designs to follow in the future, although no specific ETA. I’m hearing some request for Ed stuff, maybe…*grin*