Monthly Archives: May 2009

Wow. I’ve…um…huh. So I did this painting. Of a hot sauce label. That was meant to be sort of tacky and charming and vaguely off-color as many hot sauce labels are. It’s…um…well, it…I mean, it wasn’t intentional but… Dude, this is the most homoerotic thing I’ve ever drawn, and I say that as a woman who has drawn […]

*sniffle* "Up" made me cry. Twice. I generally figure Pixar gets one sniffle out of me per movie, but this was totally unfair. Kevin and I both choked up, and there was much surreptitious eye-wiping. (I remember how I used to roll my eyes when my Mom cried at movies. Then I hit some invisible point in my late […]

It is pointed out that I shamefully neglected to mention that said artist of awesome piece is Roger Person. The thing I went back to get that had been nagging at me was a…wall-mounted sculpture?…of a large-mouth bass mount with a stylized hand sticking out of it’s mouth. (It’s a real fish, too) a description which fails to […]

Why, is that a pair of blue-gray gnatcatchers bopping around the back fence? Yes! Yes, it is! I hope they stay–I’m delighted that the summer tanager pair seems to have settled in the area, since I see them every few days (and hear them rather more often)–but I don’t think there’s any food I could put out that they’d […]

About to head out and do the birthday thing–lunch with buddy, buy a peppermint shrimp, mail art…okay, maybe this isn’t the normal birthday thing, but it works for me. I’m 32 years old, I just got a box of author’s copies, life is pretty darn good. Meanwhile, have the next in the series of things that […]

Whew, busy few days. Since Saturday I’ve had a wedding to attend, a cookout, a book cover that still needs finishing, a hockey game (the swan song of the Hurricanes’ playoff season) and tomorrow is my birthday,* although I don’t think we’re doing anything wacky for it.  Tank news isn’t good this week. My tank heater […]