Monthly Archives: July 2010

Ah. Yes. That.

There is probably many annoyances on earth like discovering that last night you covered your rather large painting in Ultra Matte Gel, which is semi-opaque, rather than Matte Super-Heavy Gel, which is transparent, and that you now have a whole bunch of white boards where previously you had a vaguely abstract salmon. I cannot think […]

Two Texting Tarsiers

A follow-up–only a year late!–to One Odd Ocelot. The sketch has been around nearly that long, but I was only seized by the urge to paint big-eyed primates recently. In addition to the tarsiers, there are tomatoes, tomatillos, textbooks (or tomes!) test tubes and toe rings. For three, it’d have to be Three Thylacine…somethings. Thespians. […]