Monthly Archives: August 2004

Sex Ed

So I was reading “Savage Love,” and they have the hilarious, and painful “childhood misconceptions about sex” column, where people write in to recount the sordid tales of how they believed sex worked before anyone sat down and explained it to them. It would be both too graphic and too embarassing to relate any of […]

The Chronovore is obviously back. Time is skipping around like a sugared-up two-year old on a Piccasoesque hopscotch course. I swear, it was just nine-thirty-ish, it has no right to be eleven-and-some-change. I have too much to do today. Time is forbidden to progress at this unseemly rate. I haven’t even been in the studio […]

Having a sort of leisurely weekend. James has been working like a fiend–he had a deadline tonight–and is wandering around muttering about getting his levels under memory budget and other arcana. And yesterday he had to spend several hours taking my computer apart, putting it back together, getting a blue screen, cursing, and taking it […]

While I realize that accounts of magnetic-poetry-like spam recieved is by now trite, I was nevertheless impressed by this peculiar vignette at the bottom of an ad for Soma muscle relaxants from Canada* : 4The Vegetable Kingdom After the Wizard had wiped the dampness from his sword and taken it apart and put the pieces […]

That poor squirrel. I noticed a squirrel hanging off the neighbor’s feeder, who appeared to have some kind of large, pale growth on his side, just under his shoulder. I stared at this for several minutes, baffled–it was pale cream color, and stuck out. I thought “A tick? A parasite? Squirrel mushrooms?” Finally I went […]

In relief and joy at being done with happy frogdom (except for the edits) I painted this little Christiansen-inspired guy (And YES, Rafferty, it’s a rat!) My original thought was to draw it all out carefully and paint around the edge of each little individual bit. Then I said “Screw dat!” and just painted […]