Monthly Archives: November 2006

I took a nap this afternoon, and at some point right before I woke up, the charming and not entirely trustworthy young priest I’d been shackled with for this particular dream adventure turned to me and said “Well, I’ve got a toad demon chained up in heaven that I’ve been saving for a special occasion…” […]

Whatever games I’m playing have a tendency to sink into my dreaming brain after awhile. Depending on what I’ve been glutting on lately, this can be anything from just dreaming in WoW interface (which is still a step up from the text-based dreams of my MUD days) to random encounters. “Oh, no! I’m late for […]

Ben is a cat with a mission. Apparently it’s an escort mission. The mission begins at a little after 8:30, after James has gotten up. Ben attempts to trigger the questgiver–namely me–by walking around on the bed. If I am particularly sloggy today, he climbs onto my chest and purrs. Ben is a very large […]

Note to self, should I ever find myself in a galaxy far far away: When the heroine is lugging around a double-bladed lightsaber, can choke people from across the room, and just fought through a bar full of cyanide gas while holding her breath–the phrase “I want to protect you” somehow doesn’t quite hold together […]

I’ve gotten up to 56K so far, but some of that extra 6K is pretty fragmented, and there’s a big chunk I haven’t touched yet–a hole in the middle of the story that I’m carefully shoring up around the edges before I plunge in. Still, I think it’ll work. Hopefully. The psychotic raving fire-on-the-mountain inspiration […]