Monthly Archives: March 2012

Thank you…

Thanks to everybody who let me know that “Digger” was being aggregated by one of those slimy apps making money off other creator’s work. Blargh! Note sent, although their contact form apparently doesn’t allow quote marks in the message box, which meant it took about ten tries and any patience I had with the people […]

Coyote Rainbow

This week managed to be pretty crappy by Wednesday afternoon.  In an attempt to cheer myself up, have a very silly, very fast little piece. Because if screamingly bright colors don’t get you, there’s nothing left but gin. Prints are available, because prints are always available, and for all I know, this is your color […]

White Bear II

I am in that stage of the book where I am actually doing quite a lot of art, but nobody sees it, and I get the itch of “But you haven’t done REAL art for AGES!” Which is true. And I still haven’t done real art in ages, because I did this piece in December […]

Annotated Fairy Tale #3 — The Prince and the Tortoise

You didn’t think you were getting off this easy, did you? This has always been one of my favorites, probably because a great many people act surprisingly rationally, (instead of everybody acting batshit crazy) and it contains one of the greatest lines in all fairytale-dom. Compared to the sheer cracked-ness of “Master-Maid,” though, this one […]