Monthly Archives: February 2011

Pollinator Shrine

I haven’t managed to successfully photograph the Box of Doom from Michael DeMeng’s workshop, but it’s coming. (Kevin is helping.) He did get this one photographed nicely, though! Bombus is the Latin for the genus that includes all our lovely bumblebees, many of which have declined substantially in recent years. (It’s not just honeybees, alas.) […]

Second Stripe

I worked on this painting off and on for rather longer than I can usually manage to keep a painting alive–generally a painting dies after three or four days. But this one lived! And…this is sort of more where I was going in my head with the Stripejack Forest painting, except that this guy clearly […]


So next week, I’m attending an assemblage art workshop taught by Michael DeMeng, one of the coolest assemblage artists working today, a guy who does really weird rusty grimy sculptural stuff, all of which is generally devoid of cupids, babies wearing crowns, grumpy small girls with pasted on angel wings, and the word “dream” and […]

Stripejack Forest

I kinda wanted to paint stripes. Then it turned into this whole…thing… The funny thing is that I actually may have to do a digital take on this because I couldn’t get the textural effect I wanted, and the thing in my head was much creepier and weirder and the rabbit design was actually rather […]

Random Arty Bits

Went to pick up some unsold art from the local gallery after their holiday show. There’s two weird little small pieces, which honestly I didn’t expect to sell–they were too odd for the random gallery passer-by, I suspect. It’s a nice little gallery, but it’s mostly wildlife art and photography and carousel horses and things, […]