Monthly Archives: June 2007

Well, I just had some of the most horrible fifteen seconds of my adult life. I was bringing Ben back from the vet, and had lugged the carrier halfway up the steps to my apartment–and the handle of the carrier broke off in my hand. The carrier, cat inside, hit the stairs, rolled over, and […]

It’s an odd thing to say, but man. Divorce is easy. The legal bits of it, anyway. James and I saw an attorney, and it was really quite astonishingly painless. He suggested that we didn’t even need any of the really complicated bits–all of our main issues could be much more cheaply and easily resolved […]

The first round of auctions for unfinished art have ended, and wow! Thank you so much, guys! You rock! (Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am?) Here’s another five. These’ll probably be the last before Anthrocon, but I’ll have more when I get back, including some of the bigger stuff that’s hard to scan. […]