Monthly Archives: February 2004

At some point last night, not asleep but not entirely awake, either, I got up and scribbled something in my notebook. This morning, I managed to decipher the writing, although the thumbnail sketch next to it required some squinting. The snail and the mushroom were very happy together and had children that could make you […]

Having promised a photo of my latest insanity, and since this is mostly you guys’s fault for having commented on the long ago doodle that gave rise to it, I direct your attention to Keep your Charismatic Vertebrate totems–Slug is my co-pilot! Now I just gotta finish my uni-slug, and I think it’ll be […]

Annnnd…it’s snowing again. Through the night. Odds are good of a nice hard freeze, too, which would give the road the approximate consistency of snail snot, but we’ll have to wait and see. The pre-emptive closings filtering by on the bottom of the TV screen are impressive. Dave, a local friend of mine, made an […]