Monthly Archives: March 2007

Interrogative Wombat Auction I sorta want to try a two-color reduction print, but apparently I’d need something called a “matrix” to make it work, so that the paper goes down on the print at the correct space. I could make one, but I have no power tools. I’m begging my stepfather, printmaker extraordinaire, to throw […]

Okay! The Red Wombat print wound up being an edition of seven, because it just wouldn’t do mass printing. I’m giving ’em as gifts, mostly, but I will offer 1/7 on E-bay for anybody who really, really wants one. Red Wombat Print Because I couldn’t get very many off this design, I’m offering the Interrogative […]

Living as I do in this miniscule apartment, the most important work space is a chunk of kitchen counter about two feet by eighteen inches. Yes, I have a perfectly good work table in my studio/bedroom, but I use it mostly for painting and storing crap. Printmaking and fooling around with leprous ponies occurs in […]

Frustrated with today’s lack of productivity–I was working, and thus felt that I accomplished nothing of consequence–I stayed up late running off prints of the Interrogative Wombat. And watching, for some reason, “Inherit the Wind.” It was a little surreal. I pulled off the last print for the evening, watched Matthew Brady drop dead in […]

So, as many of you know, my newly single lifestyle means that I’m having to fend for myself in the kitchen. I learned to cook a few basic dishes, all in the Mexican theme for some reason–quesadillas, enchiladas, nachos, etc. Easy enough to do. Lately, however, I’ve been busy as hell and uninclined to cook, […]

Leperlot Auction Starting at $25, because I have no idea what the market will bear on these things. Since I’m hearing that Hasbro gets antsy about the packaging thing, this is likely to be the only pony I do with modified packaging, although I haven’t quite given up the notion of completely redesigning the packaging, […]