Monthly Archives: June 2011


This may require some explanation. So Kevin does this…schtick at cons. He goes up to an artist friend of ours (one who will appreciate it, generally) and says, in a nasal fanboy voice, “So, like, um, will you draw my character? He’s a sparkledog, right? And he shoots lasers out of his eyes! And he […]

Major Art Dump

Spent a good chunk of yesterday transferring files from my virtual machine to my shiny new…err…non-virtual machine. Along the way I found a couple of things that either never got posted or which I’d completely forgotten about, which is almost as good! (You ever do a painting that¬† you have absolutely no memory of having […]

I am afeared.

So I got this new computer. It is a Mac, as I have finally been persuaded that, in the last decade, Apples have advanced to a point where they are capable of running Painter at a speed that does not greatly resemble a dead frog in molasses. I would always have been a Mac person, […]

Three Tails

So this was the second run at this particular painting. The first was looking great, coming out a lot like the Black Jackalope and then I tried to fix a particular bit,¬† overworked the paper, and tore it off in a great soggy strip, an act which makes the art gods weep or point and […]