Monthly Archives: February 2007

The acrylic aisle at work is dangerous. The jars of various weird mediums haunt me. They whisper in gloopy voices, rattling their little plastic cages, Liquitex labels gleaming under the flourescent lights. I try to fight it. I have no use for media with mica beads, or string gel! I don’t need these things! I […]

Every now and then I have these dreams that ought to be wonderful, joyous, bouyant dreams of swimming with wild animals–and then the damn things bite me. I wouldn’t so much call it a recurring dream as a sort of repeated theme. I know I’ve had it with polar bears and–for some odd reason–hippopotami. Each […]

So a few weeks ago, I’m ordering checks with the new addresses, and the guy asks if I want address labels too. “Sure,” sez I, “sounds like a good idea.” “Anything special you’d like?” “Nah, just the basic cheap ones.” And then we exchanged a few more pleasantries, and I went about my business. Today […]

The Dervishes were cool. The Sufi music was a little tough–not that it wasn’t lovely, which it was–I could live on reed flute some days–but it flows together seamlessly and it keeps going without any apparent breaks, and it’s very…very…soothing…and in a stiflingly warm auditorium, you’re in serious danger of being soothed right into unconsciousness. […]

It was the first really warm day for awhile here–following twenty degrees last weekend, suddenly it jumped to the high sixties. I opened the windows and let the air come in. The first warm day of the season always brings an odd feeling with it. I’ve written about it before. It’s even more pronounced in […]

So I went in to the gallery today, prints and the Watermelon Heels original tucked ‘neath my arm, and talked to the gallery owner. She liked St. Egg, and the fruit shoes, and the collaged magnolia warbler. (The weird fruit were a little too silly, and digital art was of no interest to her whatsoever–and […]