Monthly Archives: August 2009

It’s been a very productive weekend in terms of cleaning out closets and getting stuff done. I also managed to put together a quick painting!Holstein Fish I dunno, the whites aren’t as intense as I’d like, and you’re fighting the texture a bit when you work on this varietyof artist panel (the cheapest Ampersand, has […]

Ahhh…. So last week, I was a crazed stressbunny, fighting off that ass-deep-in-alligators feeling and sensing that I was about to slide into raging bitch mode at any moment. My buddy Brooke says "Right. We’re going to the beach."  I said "I’ve got way too much work." Then I stopped and considered that the last time I took […]

Blarrgh. Back from the vet, yet again. Ben’s having another flare-up of the stomatitis–lacking teeth, it’s now attacking around the hinge of his jaw, making it hard to open his mouth. So he’s back on the steroids and injectable antibiotics. The vet’s hoping his flare-ups will be less frequent now that his teeth are gone. […]

Went to see Ponyu last night. Hmm. I was frankly disapointed, but in retrospect, I think the problem with this movie was the marketing. See, it was a fine little movie. It wasn’t complicated, it wasn’t dramatic, it was just a mild little tale of magic fish. As such, it was enjoyable and there were bony […]

Been having frequent and dramatic nightmares lately. I think it’s stress. (Actually, Kevin suggested that it might be stress–I hadn’t even noticed that there was an uptick until he pointed it out.) I have deadlines every which way, and I’m at the death march stage of Dragonbreath 3 (two-thirds done! Woohoo!) Still, as stress responses go, it […]

Stressful stressness going on, so I spent today out doing things. Went to lunch with a buddy, then out to sell some used books. That was…interesting. The first place, where I usually go, used to be staffed by a scrappy little guy from Queens, and he was friendly in the way of scrappy little guys from […]

Oof. Had very odd nightmare…I was wandering around a very strange zoo. It was nearly abandoned, and there were the usual not-really-real birds that populate my dreams. I was writing down the name of one–something called a Strangliers Gull, it looked like a giant flying penguin, and the guy running the popcorn cart stopped me. "You […]