Monthly Archives: August 2005

Okay…I’ll give it a whirl. Since I have a half-dozen pages of a travelogue sort of ostenibly narrated by the redoubtable Eland, we’ll start there, and see where it goes! But first, of course, it’s not a proper narrative unless somebody first informs you that it’s full of crap, right? (If I manage to […]

So I’ve been contemplating doing a Gearworld blog. A lot of people have expressed interest in Gearworld recently, and I’ve been shrinking from efforts to publish it or license it or whatever, since it’s such a nebulous and personal thing, but after the third or fourth such e-mail in a month, James turned to me […]

So today, after long months of insurance wrangling, in which I first exceeded my yearly dental allowance, and had to wait nearly six months, which was then complicated by James’s company switching dental insurance providers halfway through the process, forcing us to start back at square one (or actually square zero, ‘cos I now had […]

Some days you get the bear… My latest Sculpey head fell over while firing, which, because of the quite large antlers, resulted in some serious burnification, a fact I noticed right as the house was filling with billows of carcinogenic smoke. Head was a total loss. On the bright side, I got it all cleaned […]

There is probably something cuter than a baby wolverine, but I am at a loss to think of it at the moment. And the knowledge that the adorable little handful of cuddly fluff–the best combination of ferret cute and bear cub cute imaginable–will grow up to be an unstoppable killing machine is just icing on […]

A very quick doodle of an anatomically way-the-hell-off-but-that’s-why-it’s-a-doodle cow, and Obligatory Small Mammal. I’m trying to do more little quick gesture sketches into little loose watercolors, just as a switch from the usual, and somehow, this emerged from the depths of my brain.