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Annotated Fairy Tale #2 — The Master-Maid

Okay, I had fun with the last one, and apparently people enjoyed it, so without further ado, The Master Maid. This one is from the Blue Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, and was collected in Norway in the mid-1800s. It’s one of Aarne-Thompson Type 313 (which is broadly tales of magical flight from a supernatural […]

An Annotated Fairy Tale

I frequently find myself on-line reading fairy tales. And being me, I frequently find myself maintaining a sort of mental running commentary about said fairy tales, and since I am spending today recuperating from Con-mode, I have nothing better to do than inflict it upon you! The Blue Light is a folktale of Aaren-Thompson type […]

Snowy Owl Mask

You get the Ursula-is-tired-so-the-photography-is-half-assed version, but I was pleased with how the mask itself came out! I wanted to do a snowy owl after seeing them—distantly—in Washington, so…err…I did! Despite my vow to never do a mask in white again. (It wasn’t so bad this time because I laid down a coat of medium gray, […]