Monthly Archives: July 2005

Phew! After long wranglings with the website, I had about given up, but the release of WebComicsNation came to my rescue (I get a free account, bein’ a Graphic Smash artist.) So, in case you were waiting around to read “Irrational Fears” again–it’s up! The Subconscious Chupacabra rides again! And before anybody asks, no, […]

Having just spent the better part of an hour sanding Wormly’s head (there’s still a dent in the back of his skull…Wormly may need a rather high collar…) and as I’m about to start painting, it occurs to me that my readership having been helpful every step of the way so far, I should solicit […]

Cooked my latest for an hour at 200, letting it warm up and cool down with the oven. Seems to work! There’s one major and two minor cracks to be mended, but the ears survived perfectly, (Go, mesh armature!) and since I was planning a full paint job for him anyhow, the cracks shouldn’t be […]

Haven’t made many updates about the Defective Wildlife lately, since A) we’ve been out of town so much, and more importantly B) it’s nearly a hundred degrees and so humid that you feel like you’re living in Earth’s Armpit, and nobody, including the little birds and lumpy squirrels, feel much like cavorting. I occasionally see […]

Trying something stupidly ambitious with batwing ears with a wire mesh armature inside. Here’s hoping that the slow cooking will work! (This almost certainly won’t work.) On the other hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and if I end up with ear mosaic, I’ll sand off the stumps and make him wear a hat.

Curses! My face cracked! The pre-baked teeth work fabulously, although I think they may need to be glued into the sockets after baking, since they’re a little loose. I glued one as a test. Seemed to work well. I baked this one about five minutes longer than the first one, and it seemed to be […]