Monthly Archives: May 2007

So I’m spending a quiet evening in tonight–the combination of chocolate cheesecake, hairpin turns, and time of month all ganged up to make me think that maybe laying on the couch and watching a movie would be a nice way to spend the evening.  So I flip through my host’s extensive video library, and discover […]

Work proceeds apace. Took a break to doodle some birds. I need to paint more birds. Of course, my scanner’s on the other side of North America at the moment. Been trying to figure what I want out of life. This is heavy stuff to contemplate, but not as much as you’d think, because I’m […]

Well, here we are. May 28th. I have finally crossed that dark threshold. I’m thirty today. One of the first thing you learn about birthdays as a kid is how you don’t feel any different the next day. The difference between May 27th and May 28th is only a day, not a full year. (Actually, […]

So t’other day at Huntington Gardens, I was in their gift shop–briefly, it was a zoo–and saw an interesting art book of the work of someone named Joseph Cornell. Not having suitcase space, I didn’t get the book, but once I got back to my faithful laptop, I looked him up. Joseph Cornell’s weird little […]

Let us speak for a moment, my friends, about ravens. I have, in the course of my life, probably seen ravens before. But since I’ve been birdwatching, I’ve been living in a section of the US pretty light on the raven population, and so, I hadn’t ever counted one, or paid particular attention to one. […]

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention from drag-queen bingo t’other night (and which must be memorialized!) The bathrooms. The lady’s room had a disco ball in it, and they were playing ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” on infinite loop. I wanted to stand on the toilet, applaud, and yell “Now THIS is what a drag queen […]

Huntington Gardens was awesome! Leaving aside that they’re amazingly gorgeous gardens, the birds were cool! I didn’t see the parakeets, but I saw something equally cool–a Red Whiskered Bulbul. They’re an import from Asia that’s established a breeding population in a very few places in Southern CA, one of which is Huntington. (They’re a neat […]