Monthly Archives: January 2005

Was feeling pretty dragged out, so I went back to bed for an hour–I don’t do that very often, actually, but working at home does have SOME advantages. Had a bizarre dream. I was visiting a women’s prison with my friend Kathy. I’ve never actually visited a women’s prison, so it probably doesn’t resemble that […]

Da Sticki Code

My computer monitor is littered with Sticky Notes. No. Not the inferior physical kind with the glue that falls off eventually and doesn’t support copy & paste. The digital kind. My desktop is an ancient breeding ground of virtual sticky notes. They contain phone numbers (often obsolete), addresses (often in other states), passwords, book recommendations, […]

Ursula: “Hey, James…I had this dream, I was having dinner with these people, and FDR was there!” James: “Did he talk about the New Deal?” Ursula: “…no…he was funny, though.” James: “Churchhill must have been there.” Ursula (losing the narrative thread completely): “Uh…uh…so there was this room…it was cold, and the windows were broken out, […]

Here’s one for the birders… Unidentified bird on the deck. Had the distinctive eye with the ring like a thrush, was shaped pretty much like a thrush, would generally have called it a thrush…but the breast was pale, no spots at all. The back and head were a pale grey-buff color, about the hermit thrush […]