Monthly Archives: February 2013

Pludwump, Leader of the Wool-Tribe

Overheard in the encampment of the Moon-Stuffing Clan, Year of the Potato: “Look, I’m telling you, there is something weird about Wool-Tribe.” “Dude, don’t be racist. Just because they’re not like us—” “I’m not being racist. I’m not saying they’re weird because they’re stuffed sheep, I’m saying they’re weirdos who happen to be stuffed sheep. […]

Rough Seams

When the great shaman Cryptic Stitches led the Moon-Stuffing Clan to their new homeland, the clan found itself in a dilemma. This was certainly the homeland provided for them by Great Plushthanga—when Great Plushthanga appeared, clans miles away knew about it. You couldn’t fake a visitation from Great Plushthanga. He was a demonstrative and mostly […]


Before anyone says anything, yes, this would make a good series! Which means that I’ll do Orange next week, Yellow a year from now, and probably be finishing Violet on my deathbed. Meanwhile, for those who are curious, there are eleven animals in this picture: Red Panda, Rhode Island Red Rooster, European Red Squirrel, Northern […]

Hellhound Rescue

Yesterday, in the latest installment of the D&D Party That Means Well, we were in combat with some cultists, some Helmed Horrors, and a hellhound-thingy. Combat was slightly delayed last week, as the paladin browbeat the Helmed Horror into writing a letter to his mother in case he was killed in battle. (Last line of […]