Monthly Archives: June 2005

My contributor’s copy of Expose 3 arrived in the mail yesterday! As with any anthology, there’s the good, the bad, the ones that could maybe do something with their hair, although since I know way less about 3-D, I’m not really equipped to judge quality on a chunk of it. But Sir Bunny and the […]

You know, after years of doin’ art, you’d think I’d have learned how I work best by now. You’d think I’d have learned not to second-guess myself. You’d think that I’d have the slimmest shred of faith in my own ability to pull stuff off, and not fret that I am somehow Doing It Wrong. […]

Finished the 8 x 10 of the donkey and goldfish. That makes three paintings done yesterday. Not bad. I work well under conditions of extreme terror. Unfortunately for my productivity–but fortunately for the rest of me!–my natural ebullience re-exerted itself, and I am at least reasonably mellow again. I cannot afford to slack off, as […]