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Wonder Noir

She leaned against the doorframe in the burned-out building, listening to the distant sirens. It was amazing they even bothered with sirens anymore, down here, but there they were. The red glow of her cigarette was the only light in the building. The street lights had been blown out long ago. That was fine. She […]

The Dryad’s Shoe

My short story in the Women Destroy Fantasy collection is available to read on-line! The Dryad’s Shoe If you enjoy it, please consider buying either the e-book or print volume from Fantasy Magazine of the whole issue–it is some super cool stuff. And can I just say how awesome it is to have been involved […]

Coming in November!

Coming in November, an honest-to-god novel! This is another fairy-tale retelling, best known to long-time blog readers as “The One With The Hedgehog.” (Seriously considered calling it that, but it’s a pretty weird dark story, so I decided against it. Also, if I put the hedgehog on the cover, people would probably get entirely the […]