Monthly Archives: July 2003

Well, I was gonna post something yesterday about Loki’s return from the vet–they’re upping his dosage again, and he’s sulking and lethargic after having blood drawn eight times, but otherwise should be okay–but we lost power. Again. We lost power night before last for about an hour, but it wasn’t bad, since it was light […]

Another day, another…something or other. Been busy today getting illos done for an RPG client–hopefully once I’ve digested a bit and my post-pizza lethargy is gone, I’ll be able to finally start crackin’ on the Wombat Fool. (One wonders if this is the opposite of the arrogant wombat that we all despise.) Got the final […]

Well, despite grabbing matboard instead of illo board, The Hermit got done. You can watercolor on matboard, but it’s wretchedly unforgiving–behaves rather like markers, actually. Takes an eternity to dry. I kept shoving it out on the balcony to bake. I actually kinda like it. It’s very very simple, but not without charm. Next, the […]

Still arting. Must art. I’m definitely getting really punchy now, trying to come up with stuff for the Trinoc show–for some reason, little watercolors of wombat-themed tarot seem like a brilliant idea, and so I’m scribbling out roughs, based mostly on the ‘ol Rider-Waite deck. The best so far is the wombat Fool, accompanied by […]

It’s official. I have Con Crud. Hmm, that sounds like something you’d catch from a toilet seat–“What is it, doc?” “Well, son, you have con crud…your tongue’s growing blue fuzz, your liver’s the size of a basketball, and your genitals are going to wither and fall off.”–but it’s actually just a sore-throat-and-snorfling cocktail acquired from […]

You know it’s late and you’ve been creating under the gun waaaay too much lately when gryf-frogs suddenly seem like a great idea. I blame lyosha. By the way, I would like to acknowledge to the universe and everything that James was fabulous during the whole Con, and did not so much as bat an […]

Paint, paint, paint… Working on painting of grindylows. They’re a sort of legendary water demon. I just read two books that had them in it–a rather sanitized Harry Potter version, and demonic extradimensional mermen in “The Scar.” Decided to paint a version, which wound up looking vaugely like anthro-viperfish. I’ll probably take LE prints of […]

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later… Injected Loki while James held his head and called him “fatbag” in affectionate tones, gave him his treat, and went to put the plastic cap back on the disposable needle, which proceeded to go through the plastic, and into my thumb. It was more of an […]