Monthly Archives: April 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen…Nurk is in stores now. Specifically the Barnes & Noble in Cary, one of our major suburbs.  Apparently Borders doesn’t have it out yet, and my small-local-independant bookstores don’t have it in yet either–they’re holding to a ship date sometime closer to the June 1st thingy. But I went out to hit the […]

Ahhh…. So today I did something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile, threw on the Boots of Doom and the standard black tank top and hit Goodwill to go skirt shopping. I love Goodwill these days, since I’m bloody sick of buying a new wardrobe every three months, and it has the added advantage […]

*grumble* Bloody Staples sent me PHOTO black instead of MATTE black ink, so now I’ve got to wait another day before finishing out the Taxman print run. Muthas. Today, painty painty painty. Which is getting tricky because the sky is so grey and heavy that I just want to take a nap (despite having been […]

It’s been quite awhile since I did any scent blogging here. Part of that is that I’ve been busy as hell, and then there was a chunk of hayfever when I wouldn’t have been able to tell if I smelled like ambrosia with undertones of elephant manure. But I’ve started up testing again, trying to retest […]

Just a reminder, gang–last day for the wallpaper contest submissions! There have been some FANTASTIC entries, and I’m despairing of picking a winner…we may be lookin’ at a whole slew of honorable mentions… And in other news, the Taxman print run is exactly halfway done. We’re gettin’ there…*gives Mr. Printy CPR*