Monthly Archives: March 2011


I went out to do some coffee shop writing and came home to find a mailer full of books on the porch. When I slit it open, puzzled–I’m due some ARCs soon, for Ghostbreath, but not anything in hardcover–I laughed out loud. I am now the proud owner of four or five copies each of […]

Nearly Ended

My buddy Mur Lafferty and I have a ritual. Every few months or so, one of us calls the other and says gloomily “I finished the book.” The other one says “Oh, no, I’m so sorry,” and offers to bring cake, gin, or anything else that will soften the blow. Kevin used to think this […]

Last call!

Pollinator Shrine Auction ends today! My back still hurts. But one of my pea plants sprouted! Houston, we have germination! Got a royalty statement. It appears that we have sold in the vicinity of 50,000 copies of Dragonbreath vol. 1! (And someday they may even get me the statement for Ninjabreath…) It was a good […]