Monthly Archives: July 2011

Stegosaurus Says “Moo”

Dimetrodon says “Pfeh.” Icthysaurs use sonar and so what they say is completely unrenderable in English. It took two pages of doodles to work out the stegosaurus, and the only other doodle of interest is the one with prickly-pear cactus for spines, which I still think is kinda neat. Prints available!

Triceratops Says “Wub.”

Let’s be clear—this is not “love” pronounced as “wub.” That would be saccharine. Triceratopses just say “wub.” Well known science fact. At least, the young ones do. The older ones say “gronk.” Stegasaurs say “moo.” Anklyosaurs go “Hmmph!” and ignore you thereafter. Look, I don’t make the rules. Original for sale, prints available and all […]

Capybara auction!

Apparently the capybara hit critical mass last night, because there were about a half-dozen e-mails when I got up this morning. I mention this only so that I can point out that “Capybara Critical Mass” would be a good name for a ska band, and also that the original is on e-bay. Also, it is […]