Monthly Archives: March 2005

There is a bird outside doing an absolutely spot-on imitation of a rotating sprinkler, a series of ticking chirps and then a long run of clicks as the sprinkler ratchets back into position. I don’t know enough about birdcalls to know if that’s a normal bird call for some species that just happens to be […]

*muse* I realize that it’s fashionable in some quarters to claim liberals hate the western world and dismiss much of our past as mere dead-white-males. I know that there are probably plenty of people out there who think that because I detest many elements of our current government that I’m down on all of Western […]

It is spectacular here today. The windows and doors are thrown open, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and things are starting to bud. It hasn’t quite hit the “green haze” moment, when the ends of twigs turn absurd shades of chartreuse and the trees look as if they’re swathed in viridian fog, […]

Watching Gimpy the squirrel on the feeder today. Now that it’s warm enough that the male squirrels all have visible testicles again,* I can determine that Gimpy is actually a girl. I would call her Gimpette, but I’ve gotten too used to Gimpy. It astounds me still how recovered Gimpy is–most times I can’t even […]

Swung by the new hardware store that just went in–a monstrous, sprawling beast covering well over a block all on its own. I was there for a bag of birdseed and some suet, but was seduced by bleeding heart and an interesting little shade-tolerant blue ground cover that I have already forgotten the name of, […]

Victory! The math is all done. Hmm. It would appear that I made probably 80% more net last year than I did the year before. Das’ pretty good. I mean, it’s still a pretty paltry sum–particularly granted that I’ve been doing it for years and work weekends–but we’ve gone from “kissing the poverty line” to […]

Math looms on the horizon. This morning, I have to add up all my reciepts for 2004 before taking them to my beloved tax weasel tomorrow.* This involves math. Simple math. Addition kind of math. Easy math. Calculator math. But nevertheless, a vast and staggering quantity of it, a banal task of repeated tedium and […]

I tried to look this up, and couldn’t. Then I thought “Hey! My readers are geniuses, right?” PhP-Nuke. I wanna make collapsible menus on the gallery sidebar. I have no idea how to make a collapsible menu. (Hell, I’m probably doing good to make a menu at all! Is anybody familiar with PhP-Nuke and can […]