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That’s right–Episode #47: Noodles Float, You Bastards! is available for your listening pleasure! And in case you missed it, last week we had the triumphant return of KUEC from brief work-related hiatus, with Episode #46: “Cow Blood, Horse Blood, Pig Blood…whatever you have lying around.”   Also available on iTunes!


Not all that much going on these days—well, I mean, there’s a lot going on, it looks like we’re going to probably get to do ten Dragonbreath books instead of seven, and there’s some other neat stuff percolating—but nothing immediately fascinating. I’m deep in the last death march of Campbreath art, trying to write the […]

KUEC #31

“He had this advanced medical condition where his penis had fallen off” In which we return to our low-brow roots with White Castle and Hungry-Man, eat Welsh rarebit, and you learn some mildly disturbing things about my ex-step-grandfather.* Also, Angus, aka Little Orange Cat has gotten REALLY friendly lately, and is currently sitting on my […]

KUEC #21

“She was wearing underwear on her head. Not because she was crazy…!” A very pasta heavy episode, with a bottle of cheap wine apiece, which is probably what caused me to get reminiscing about my grandmother and the time I got lost in New Orleans. Also available on iTunes! Also, a raccoon walked in the […]